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We believe every student should have free access to mental health education. It is foundational and impacts our physical health, academic achievements, relationships, and safety. 

A Year of Mental Health in Illinois Schools for Free

Impactful Fund is supporting one year of unprecedented free access for every K-12 school, community college, and university in Illinois to access The Angst Creative Coping Toolkit a powerful, film & and evidence-based mental health education program that addresses anxiety, suicide, loneliness, and belonging. Appropriate for ages 10+. 

Why this matters: 

Our minimum goal is $250,000 to cover the cost for this year. We need your help to add programs LIKE, The Upstanders and RACE to Be Human and keep it free for years to come.



2 Years of Mental Health in Washington Schools for Free

Mental Health matters in Washington State. Impactful Fund is raising $550,000 to support 2 years of unprecedented free access for every K-12 school, community college and university to access the full Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT) a film and evidence-based mental health literacy program that addresses anxiety, suicide, loneliness, online safety, bullying and belonging. Appropriate for ages 10+.

Excerpt from the program: ‘It’s Just A Stomach Ache’

Why this matters: 

  • 40% of students reported persistently feeling sad or hopeless
  • More than 1 in 5 students seriously considered suicide 
  • 1 in 10 students have attempted suicide (CDC)

2 Years of Mental Health in Alaska Schools for Free

Mental Health matters in Alaska - Impactful Fund is raising $125,000 to provide free access to the Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT) for every K-12 public and charter school and community in the state of Alaska for 2 years. Serving 131K+ students, educators, and their families.  

Why this matters and how Alaska is different: 

For more than four decades, American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) communities have suffered disproportionate rates of youth suicide and years of productive life lost compared to other U.S. Races. 

for every suicide, there are an estimated 25 suicide attempts and many more cases of suicide ideation 


A Year of Mental Health in CA Schools with our Partner CalHOPE 

Angst: presented by iMPACTFUL as part of the CalHOPE Schools Initiative. Angst: Building Resilience is the first installment in the Creative Coping Toolkit, a film and evidence-based program designed to raise awareness around anxiety, remove the stigma, and open up the conversation about anxiety, helping people of all ages understand, identify and  reach out for help. 

Most importantly, it shows people that they are not alone and that anxiety is manageable. This is our third year providing access for all K-12 public schools in CA.

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Kids in the Spotlight 

Our partnership with ‘Kids In The Spotlight’ has brought a new depth to our support for filmmakers and storytellers. ‘KITS’ gives L.A. foster youth the opportunity to be seen and heard, to work in a team, to develop their talents, and to work through trauma… all by the power of film. They run 10-15 week courses in filmmaking, where industry veterans coach and support youth from writing a script to casting, acting, producing, filming with a professional crew, and editing. We are thrilled to host the ‘Kids In The Spotlight’ channel, showcasing 30+ shorts made by these extraordinary young people, and to support KITS in its live events. You can find these films on


Many Messiahs

Many Messiahs reframes Handel’s masterpiece as a collective call for justice. The diverse collaborators on the Many Messiahs team create new songs using material from the original Messiah, amplifying the work’s powerful themes of awakening and activism. Performed by a genre-bending ensemble along with orchestra and chorus, Many Messiahs meets the vital need for classical music programming that addresses systemic racism while also welcoming new audiences into concert halls.

To reach local youth, trained teaching artists work with underserved schools to deliver a curriculum that merges classical music, cutting-edge technology, and social justice.


Foundation Initiatives


To support the creation and access to mental health and wellness programs for schools and underserved communities across the country.

Using the power of film and evidence-based storytelling to foster mental health literacy and support population healthcare. We are dedicated to promoting safety, mental well-being, and personal agency, empowering individuals and communities to thrive and shape a brighter future for all. We endeavor to reimagine education on a grand scale by cultivating communities that embrace empathy, accountability, inclusivity, and connection


Working with partners, we help subsidize the cost of mental health literacy film programs for public schools and underserved communities. Since 2011, Impactful Fund, formerly IndieFlix Foundation, has helped to provide subsidized or free access across school districts nationwide and every K-12 public school in the state of California through the CalHOPE Schools Program for the 2021-24 school years.

Our Impact 

We believe that stories are one of the most powerful tools for creating change. Our initiatives are guided by three principles:

  1. Support positive stories to improve the human condition
  2. Measure the impact to evolve the program
  3. Enrich and provide more access to underserved communities and schools
People Reached


Join Impactful Fund to address mental health literacy, resilience, empowerment, and kindness through story. Your gift provides schools and communities with programming that sparks important conversations, explains the brain science and provides tools and resources to safely make meaningful and positive change.