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Stories educate and spark conversations that can positively impact the world.

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A Year of Mental Health in Illinois, Washington, and Alaska - Free 

Movies can change the world. Back at school, now what? A year of mental health in Illinois, Washington, and Alaska schools, starting as early as October 2023. Impactful Fund presents the Creative Coping Toolkit, a film, and evidence-based practical tools to guide our educators, youth, and families on safely addressing mental health.

Sponsorship participation can be reserved for Illinois/Washington/Alaska Statewide and donated directly to Impactful Fund 501c3. For anyone interested in learning more about how to make the Creative Coping Toolkit available to all schools throughout the year or participate at a higher level, please contact us. 

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Film-based financial literacy program for students and families. Covers money management, relationships, and well-being.



A film based program that opens up the conversation about anxiety

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A film based social emotional learning program that addresses the impact of social media on our lives and we can create balance.

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The Upstanders

Explores bullying, resilience and the brain science behind it all

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Addressing sexual harassment in the workplace and in schools. 

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A short fiction film based on a true story about the first mother in space.

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Many Messiahs

Many Messiahs

Reframing Handel's Masterpiece as a Collective Call for Justice

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The Empowerment Project

Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things

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Screenagers (2015)

How Much Screen Time is Healthy?



Perspective: The Party

A VR Experience from the Perspective of a College Student Facing Sexual Assault


Finding Kind

Bringing Awareness to the Effects of Meanness in "Girl World"

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