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Free Mental Health Education in Illinois Schools - Now Available!

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Impactful Fund presents The Creative Coping Toolkit: Angst Edition, a film and evidence-based program providing practical tools to educators, youth, and families to address mental health in a safe and fresh way. 
iMPACTFUL's Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT) has sparked essential conversations and positive change worldwide, impacting society's perception of mental health by addressing the brain science behind it all and offering easy-to-implement, practical, and safe tools.

Join us in raising $250K to support this mission to continue making mental health a priority in Illinois schools. 

The Challenge

Adolescent mental health continues to worsen. In 2021, more than 4 in 10 (42%) students felt persistently sad or hopeless, and nearly one-third (29%) experienced poor mental health. In 2021, more than 1 in 5 (22%) students seriously considered attempting suicide, and 1 in 10 (10%) attempted suicide. (

Our Contribution to the Solution

The ANGST Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT) is an award-winning film and evidence-based mental health literacy program. It effectively and safely helps to break the stigma around mental health by sharing personal stories of youth, adolescents, and families alongside educators, mental health professionals, expert perspectives, and the brain science behind it all. The program explains what anxiety is, how to identify it, and offers ways to safely support oneself and others to reach out for help. When people watch movies, they relate and see themselves in the stories.  

Most importantly, we learn that we are not alone and that we can address mental health and get help. It doesn't have to be scary.  

Mental Health Matters in Illinois

Impactful Fund is providing free access to the Angst Creative Coping Toolkit for every K-12 public, charter, remote, special needs, private and parochial school and community college in the state of Illinois. Serving 2M+ students, educators, and their families. See the survey results NPS 85. 



Program Portal Includes:

  • Angst Core film (43 mins)
  • Film Chapters (3-8 mins)
  • Learning Bursts (2-12 mins)
  • SEL Activities (Digital & Downloadable)
  • Engagement & Impact Reporting Tool
  • Engagement Support
  • Marketing and communication assets
  • Films subtitled in multiple languages
  • Survey 

What Schools Are Saying

Schools need Tier 1 Mental Health Support. Read the CCT program case study here

This program has been implemented in schools and districts throughout the country and is accessible by all K-12 public schools in the state of California and now Illinois. 

In the wake of COVID-19, Park Ridge-Niles Community Consolidated School District 64 took action to address student and family needs. iMPACTFUL provided the community with the film series, Angst, LIKE, and The Upstanders, and offered them the accompanying Creative Coping Toolkits (CCTs). 

"The films were a powerful tool to help open up conversations about anxiety, digital citizenship, bullying, and belonging. The accompanying tools and resources made it easier to support our educators and keep the conversation going for students and their families."  

Dr Lea Anne Frost, Former President of IAASE

Former Director of Park Ridge-Niles Community Consolidated School District 64


For more testimonials on ANGST - watch here.


  • Provide free online access for all K-12 Illinois public, charter, and parochial school communities to view Angst and access the tools in the CCT throughout the school year. 
  • Ensure educators, staff, students, and their families can easily access the Angst CCT starting October 2023 - June 2024. The IAASE, IASB and MHAGC have joined us in spreading the word.
  • Coordinate with relevant organizations and stakeholders to maximize the campaign's reach and impact.
  • Advisory Council: Scilla Andreen, Ronald Burton, Bob Oros, Susana V Pociejewski

Timeline - Yes, We Can Do This! 

Sadly, we continue to witness a disturbing and steady increase in anxiety, online bullying, and suicide. It’s heartbreaking. 

Typically, we raise funds before we provide year-long access; however, given the urgency of the situation, we're taking immediate action. We've decided to make the Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT) available for free to all learning institutions and raise the funds post-launch. 

We are raising $250,000 - only $0.09 per student, and that includes their family. $50 provides access to 556 students, and $100 pays for 1,111 students. Here's our step-by-step timeline that spells out Fundraising, Press Strategy, Marketing, Promotion, Free Viewing Implementation, Evaluation, and Follow-Up. 

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Year-Long Access to our Engagement Team 

Getting access to The Creative Coping Toolkit is just the first step. Schools also get to tap into our tech, marketing, and Engagement Team to brainstorm how the CCT will work best within their school community.

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Sponsorship - Join the Movement to Keep it Free!

Join the movement and make a difference! You can access the program for free and if you wish to donate we appreciate the support to provide The Creative Coping Toolkit: Angst Edition to every K-12 public, charter, and parochial school in Illinois for the school year. Our goal is to raise $250,000. You don't have to donate to gain access to the toolkit.

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Donate Now

Sponsorship participation will be reserved for Illinois Statewide Schools. Donations can be made directly to Impactful Fund 501(c)3. For anyone interested in learning more about how to make the Creative Coping Toolkit: Angst Edition available to all schools throughout the year or participate at a higher level, please contact us.  Any funds raised above the $250K will be allotted to year long licensing to Illinois public schools and underserved communities of more programs in the Creative Coping Toolkit (CCT) film and evidence-based mental health literacy program.  

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Scilla Andreen

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